Creating a Winter Wonderland Wedding- Part 2

As summer has faded, step into the winter season with your winter blooms. Think ethereal tones, whispers of chic lavender, sepia accents of muted grey and experiment with natural resources such as pine needles, acorns and berries.

Winter brings a whole host of unique shades and textures to work with for example using aspects of pine cones, rich autumnal rosy leaves, fastening your bouquets and button holes with twigs and sprigs of holly and fruits. Winter weddings are notorious for the traditional ‘red’ features, however I think these bouquets below represent a lovely alternative in shimmers of silver, ice cool essences of mint blue, shiny pearls, hues or rich aubergine, textured twiglets of evergreen branches, wisps of mauve petals and nuggets of iridescent billy balls.





The flowers in season for winter are actually quite vast considering the cold climate, if you want something a bit diverse from traditional roses think of using bright begonias, honey scented white snow drops, large white Gladiolus’s, silvery Cyclamen Hederifoliums or deep blue marbled Crocuses.

If your colour scheme is red, I have found a few innovative versions that you could attempt. Sometimes red roses can look slightly tacky if not styled correctly or even appear harsh depending on the shade. If you are using red in your bouquet, bridesmaid flowers or button holes; ponder adding flickers of red tones from leaves or use vivid juicy currants and blackberries against pale roses. I especially love the deep burgundy wine button holes below.





Wedding arches and backdrops are effective opportunities to convey your wonderland wedding theme. Consider extorting a multitude of evergreens, sweet smelling pines and bunches of blackcurrants. The notable point about flower arches is that you can build them as elaborately or as simply as you wish, there are no rules and they really do unite a wedding theme. It is also possible to form them yourselves by fastening and coiling branches, leaves and creating bundles of blooms to tuck in between the nests undergrowth. Here are a few of my favourites you could try:





I hope these have given you a better insight into forming a wintry bloom bouquet or floral arch for your wedding, you can be as inventive or traditional as you wish. I think these deeper tones and essences of wintry condiments bring beautiful qualities to a winter wonderland theme. Happy experimenting.